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May 2013

That Old Time Secularism

The Epicurean Revival

December 2012

Higher Power

A Fictional Character As Moral Guide

June 2012

Living Without an Afterlife

A Humanist approach to death

A Marvelous, Godless Universe

The Spectacular in the World We Live In

April 2012

Loving-Kindness on the Brain

An interview with Paul Zak

Reason Rally 2012

A photo essay

March 2012

Science Fiction vs. The Bible

Let our habits be of the future

January 2012

Less Than Paradise

A Skeptic in the Caribbean

December 2011

Humanism in a Religious Education Curriculum

The Debate in the United Kingdom

Beyond Meditation

A Broader Look at Humanist Contemplative Practice

November 2011

Prayer Warriors and Freethinkers

Culture Clashes in Urban America

October 2011

Spitting with the Wind

The Sociology of Irreligion and Ritual

September 2011

Secularism in Danger

Islam and the military in modern Turkish politics

Building Humanism Locally

An Irish Example

Transcendence Without the Bull

Stripping the supernatural out of peak experiences

August 2011

Solid Ground For Agnostics

Just us, Looking After Each Other

Partners in Nature

Our Responsibility Toward Fellow Animals

July 2011

Queer Youth of Color Beyond Faith

Making Humanism Culturally Relevant

May 2011

Peers, Parents and Popularity

The Challenge of being Secular in High School

World Humanism

A Path to Perpetual Peace

April 2011

Secular Meditation at AHA

Presentation at American Humanist Association Conference

March 2011

Moral Combat

Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars

February 2011

Secular Spiritual Education

Not An Oxymoron

The Comfort Blanket

What Humanism has to offer those who need help

December 2010

Love is Stronger than Logic

Persuasion requires emotion too

Mindful Learning

An interview with Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

November 2010

Giving Up Christmas

Holding on to awe, reflection, celebration and togetherness

October 2010

A Place at the Table

An appeal in song and prose

September 2010

Should the Nonreligious Join in Interfaith Work

Why pluralism is the way forward

Best Practices For Interfaith Work

And Cautionary Considerations

Oratory of Division

A Humanist Response

June 2010

Humanists in a Holy Land

Two Backpacks, Ten Trains and a Journey through Secular India

The Forked Road Ahead

Thoughts on the 2010 African Americans for Humanism Conference

Humanism 2.0

Coverage of the AHA Conference

May 2010

The Mindful Brain

An Interview with Daniel Siegel

No Future In A Parrot’s Egg

Digging into the Humanist Heart of Buddhism

Meditation in the Lab

Scientific Research on Meditation and Mindfulness

Drawing Wisdom From The Past

A Humanist Appreciation of Buddhist Sources

March 2010

Secular Meditation

Neuroscience and Practice

Black Infidels

Humanism and African American Social Thought

February 2010

Freedom From Gods

What can Humanists Learn from the Soviet Experience

January 2010

Speaking Plainly

Right Livelihood in Action

A Church That Would Have You As A Member

A Humanist Guide to Unitarian Universalism

December 2009

Adieu To Immortality

It's Easier to Let Go of God than Life

Reviving Stoic Practice

An Interview with Erik Wiegardt

Should Humanists Do Rituals?

It's the Season for Reason

October 2009

Come Together

Building Secular Communities

Why The New Humanism

Introducing a new online magazine

Joss Whedon: Cultural Humanist

Whedon receives the third annual 2009 Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism

September 2009

Still Atheists Run Deep

Why More Humanists Should Meditate

More Than Logical

A Place for the Emotions in Humanism

Building the Humanist Movement

Why We Must Become Storytellers